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About Varija

VARIJA is a leading name in the Indian fashion segment. VARIJA Design Studio under designer Varija Bajaj retails through 40 multi-brand stores pan-India….apart from her flagship store in Defence Colony,New Delhi.

VARIJA HOME under Varija Bajaj caters to constructional and interior needs with high level of customisation for clients who want to make a fashion statement with decor.

Under Varija Life, Varija Bajaj has been involved in awareness programmes for persons with disabilities pan India. BE THE CHANGE is an awareness campaign that focuses on inclusion of physically and mentally challenged. Targeting the youth the campaign emphasises on recognising abilities of the disabled .” Read More

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Walk for a Cause – Varija’s experience with Rajashree: A Cancer Warrior

Meet Rajashree. I met her last week at our store when she came for her fittings prior to the fashion show she was going to participate as part of breast cancer awareness initiative by Cheers to Life Foundation. I knew she didn’t want to be there. Very coy and barely audible I could feel that … Continue reading “Walk for a Cause – Varija’s experience with Rajashree: A Cancer Warrior”

Monsoon Fashion Fundas by Varija Bajaj

Here comes respite from the scorching heat and stickiness. It is raining cats and dogs and you wish…

The Longest Fashion Story

Remember those erotic Bollywood numbers where the heroine is caught in a wet saree. For years it has been a success formula for Indian film directors to project

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  • Home is where happiness is And India is my Home