‘Yeh Dilli Hai Meri Jaan’

Mystery, Magic, Learning, Colours and Romance is what Delhi all about. With its timeless elegance, sophisticated style and robust infrastructure Delhi has always offered me enriching experiences.
My stint in Delhi started way back in year 1997 when I came here to pursue graduation from Miranda House in Delhi University. 3 years of staying in the hostel and active participation in Inter college activities Delhi offered a mini-India experience. From north-eastern momos to Gujrati Khakras, from Bihari litti chokha to Kashmiri dum-aloo I remember tasting all state delicacies from around the country staying in the hostel with multi-state inmates.




Post college I travelled around the world for further studies and explorations till I had a strong calling back once again to the fashion capital of India. I started my career as a fashion designer launching VARIJA DESIGN STUDIO in 2004 with absolutely no formal training or education in design. It was delhi with its myriad cultures and experiences that taught me nuances of fashion, cultures and ethnicity. From how Punjabis love bling to how Reddys from down south hate yellows. From Marwaris who love diamonds to the vivid colour palette of Rajasthan, Delhi taught me to design for a pan Indian market. As a designer it has been an overwhelming experience to grasp and change with the ever dynamic Delhi.





Sitting in the heart of political activities and being vocal about my view points, media in Delhi has a big role in making me an activist. From issues ranging from politics, women welfare, human rights, child safety and education, rights for persons with disabilities and many more I naturally got involved in all. What affected me most were the miserable lives of persons with disabilities. Forever I waited for the government to take charge till I realized how I myself can use my position and fame to influence the perception of the society and stir action for the inclusion of persons with disability. It ignited the formation of VARIJA LIFE which focuses on awareness for the disabled under Be The Change campaign
Delhi has given me the learning and guts to achieve the impossible. From fashion in clothes Varija delved in fashion for homes. VARIJA HOME started with a mere home decor stint and in just one year expanded to a full fledged brand catering to all interior and constructional needs.




Last but not the least having travelled around the world I found love in dilli dil walon ki. My love who moved on not only to be my life partner but partner in exploring Delhi from a new perspective. With two lovely girls who adore this city like I do I couldn’t have asked for more.