Monsoon Fashion Fundas by Varija Bajaj

Here comes respite from the scorching heat and stickiness. It is raining cats and dogs and you wish…

Here comes respite from the scorching heat and stickiness. It is raining cats and dogs and you wish to breathe every bit of that first rain in the air. Sprinting over all the puddles you reach for a meeting all drenched with your lower half in an abstract print of muddy water. You excuse your shabby look as God’s Will or a But natural consequence of Nature…. while I will call it absence of knowledge or ignorance of ‘Monsoon Fashion Fundas’.


Between the typical western concepts of Spring -Summer and Autumn-Winter collections a Monsoon-specific collection may not have made a mark yet in the Indian fashion Market. But for fashion conscious and well aware people, monsoon collection has become a necessity even if it’s available off the rack. This article intends to make you wary of what you wear and the way you look during these months of downpour.

Colour Therapy

Be it Teej or Onam, monsoon is the time to celebrate and overcome the grey days with colour, colour and more colour. Push back all whites and pastels, not only because they are dreary but also because they are hard to maintain during rains. So enjoy and brighten yourself from a vivid palette of hot pinks, exciting blue, deep indigo and fresh olive. Be open to solids as well as bold prints depending on the occasion. Prefer darker shades for your bottoms so as not to emphasize any accidental slush or muddy designs that you gather from the roads.


Apart from that take my special advice to check the wash care label on the garment. If it says “Dry Clean Only”…keep it away while you are on the mercy of Rain Gods. For it is quite possible that your “dry clean only” top. runs down colour…. when you are caught in the rains.





Additional word of Caution: Colours like Fuchsia, Turquoise, and Black if locally dyed are bound to run colour.

Touch and Feel-Comfort

Fabric like cotton should be avoided as they collect sweat and water…and also take long to dry up. Denims should be tucked away for the same reason. Rather synthetic and polyester based fabrics should be preferred as they don’t absorb water therefore are quick to dry up. But remember that a high content polyester fabric will neither absorb sweat. So I suggest a good blend of cotton and polyester for daytime and silk and blended silk as an ideal option for those formal evenings.

Additional Tip: Textured fabrics which are either crushed or crinkled (for shirts, suits, tops, skirts) can help retaining that perfect look as they don’t require ironing…and also retain the original look even if they get wet.

Look at you!

With skirts and Capris in vogue this year…you can flaunt your ankles with additional monsoon comfort. Team them up with kurtas, crinkled tops or halters for an ideal casual look. Even the Sarees should be worn at ankle length to avoid any visible mess through muddy water.

Men should say NO to tight fitting clothes…and give in to comfort. Ankle length dark pleated trouser teamed up with a formal shirt can be ideal for office wear. For casual look try knee length shorts or even dangris with simple t-shirts.




What’s Hot this season: Be it an asymmetrical layered skirt or a multi coloured ghagra with gota border…stick to skirts.

Shoe Time

If you are caught in the rain wearing leather boots or high heeled footwear…. God Bless! Leather not only stains but also gets damaged with exposure to water. Make it a point to slip into trendy sandals or sneakers preferably with a PVC sole. Also keep away all those mojris and ethnic embroidered juttis for they cannot withstand any exposure to water.



Suggestion: There’s an old Irish proverb that says, “Always carry two handkerchiefs… one to show and one to blow.” So you can carry an additional pair if you have to show up in a party or a meeting.

Beauty Mantra

You should avoid creams during this season as they melt off leaving your face oilier than ever before. Foundations are no good unless you want a streaky face if you are caught in the rain. Instead use face powder. Use long lasting matte lipsticks and stay away from gaudy and liquid lip colours. For eyes use only waterproof mascara and eyeliner to avoid punched eyes. And for the cheeks, apply light blush on for a natural pretty look. In short, don’t go overboard with makeup especially on a cloudy day- it looks far from flattering.


Long hair should be neatly tied into a plat or a bun, or go for a shorter haircut for a well-groomed look. Avoid oiled or a gelled look…as it looks messy when fused with water.

Make Up Tip: Its best to be natural this season as maintaining make up is much of a nuisance than a beauty enhancer.

We all want to look good, but there’s no need to forego comfort in the process. Follow these basic monsoon fundas and fashion will not hurt you. Take out some time to reason out and dress up yourself and you will soon see yourself creating your own comfort fashion fundas.

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